Real Estate

Our Firm provides real estate closing services to foreign clients, individuals or corporations or foreign trusts seeking to acquire real estate in Mexico through a trust.
This area offers advice in legal-tax matters and the elaboration of legal strategies designed specially to protect the interests of our clients. There are extremely complex procedures, which require specialized studies to determine the consequences and benefits that these consolidations will bring.

The 27th article of the Political Constitution of Mexico prohibits foreigners from directly acquiring real estate within the 50-kilometer strip of the coast and 100 kilometers from the border (the entire peninsula of Baja California), however, a foreigner may acquire real estate through a trust, the trustee having all the rights of an owner.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a prompt closing, where our Lawyers act as the agent and main coordinator of the parties involved in the real estate process (trustee, trust bank, notary public, custody account, and authorities), from the moment the buyer signs the purchase commitment, until he obtains the duly registered deed of the trust.

Our services related to real estate closings in Mexico are:

  • Cancellation of liens.
  • Cancellation of trusts.
  • Cession of rights.
  • Amendments to substitute trustees.
  • Preparation of trust agreements.
  • The opening of custody accounts.
  • Search for property titles.

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